What is Judo

Judo means “gentle way” in Japanese. This unarmed style of fighting is distinguished from other martial arts by its hand -to- hand fighting throws to the ground.

Based on Jujitsu, a martial art from the feudal Japanese period, and developed at the end of the 19thcentury by Professor Jigoro Kano

The main focus of Judo is the physical and moral betterment of its practitioners. The principle of judo is that the judoka never resists his opponent’s force, but rather turns it back on his attacker.


Simultaneously a defensive art, a spectator sport, and a competitive sport. Judo first appeared in the Olympic games at Tokyo in 1964, but was only permanently admitted as a men’s sport at Munich Games in 1972. While the men participated in their first world championships in Tokyo in 1956, the firs women’s world championship was held in 1980 in New York. But only became an Olympic event in 1992 in Barcelona. Judo is a sport for seniors, Juniors and children.

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